Agrow Agriculture Tbilisi Georgia benefit to you is the capability to combine your specific needs anywhere in the world with years of first hand agronomic know-how, agricultural information and state-of-the-art agricultural technology.

We have developed specifically tailored processes that combine the elements required for successful agrobusiness development and operations. Depending on the scope of your project we have the expertise to provide you with total expert services coordination, from initial planning right through to market place.

Our Services Include:

  • Expert Agronomic Support
  • Agricultural Assessment & Project Planning
  • Project Management
  • Growing Assistance & Consulting
  • Agricultural Training Programs & Seminars
  • Growing and Livestock Assistance
  • First Hand Contacts with Agricultural Suppliers & Producers
  • Equipment/Systems Procurement
  • Quotation Assessment
  • Shipment and Delivery Logistic
  • Contacts with Produce Packing & Market Distribution
  • Professional Agricultural Tours

Crop Consulting

They can help you make the right decisions and work with you on the next steps toward increased profitability for your farm. The independent structure of our organization means that we do not sell crop supplies. Our only interest is in learning about you, your farm, and what we can do to provide a plan that will move you forward.

A Complete, Customized Plan

Soil sample analysis and good maps are the foundation for building a strong crop plan, so these are the first components of the plan that we focus on. Working with the farm we gather information about rotation plan, pest management, fertilizer use, and current needs and/or opportunities. The result is a plan that includes our independent recommendations based on the farm’s specific needs. Included are a set of professionally created maps that can help you and your team communicate clearly throughout the crop season.

The increasing value of your crops and the increased cost of inputs to grow them make every crop decision more important than ever. It is a great time to evaluate the crop side of your operation and be confident you are putting your nutrient dollar where it will give you the greatest return at harvest time.

In-field Agronomy

By using our agronomy team, you have access to an independent resource to help identify opportunities and make the best decisions to advance your cropping goals. We’ll look at drainage, tillage practices, crop varieties, pest and plant disease, and any other factors that may be influencing yield or preventing optimum nitrogen use.