HDPE Compression Fittings

-Our European Registration Certificated “New Generation Compression Fittings” saves time and labor force with the advantage of being mounted to the pipe without disassembling (without removing the nut).
-Thanks to its PCT Patent Certificated conical tightening and sealing features, it prevents any problem may occur due to size differences in pipe diameters up to ± 0.5 mm or ovality.
-We have production in all diameters in the range of Ø20 mm – Ø110 mm.
-The recommended operating pressure is PN 10.

• Its raw material is polypropylene, its chemical resistance is formed of high polymers and its impact resistance is improved.
• It prevents the problems which may arise due to size differences up to ± 0,5 mm in the pipes or ovality with its PCT Patent Certificate conical
tightening, easy-to-assemble and sealing features.
• Aestetics design and visaulity with European registration certificate.
• It decreases the labor and material cost as it is easily fixed and unfixed.
• As it is light, its installation and transportation is easy.
• It is resistant to corrosion and does not cause any calcification and rusting.
• As it does not conduct UV (ultraviolet) rays, it does not allow mossing and bacterial growth.
• The interior surfaces are of homogenous and non-porous and is harmless as it contains no foreign matters. It does not change the odor and
flavor of water.
• It is high impact resistance. It is resistant to pulsed pressures.
• Its o-ring is made of natural rubber and provides high sealing.
• Clamping Part is made of polyacetal.
• City and drinking water
• Agricultural irrigation
• Greenhouses
• Landscape sector
Guaranteed pressure values : Ø20 mm-Ø110 mm PN 16