Motorized Garden Sprayers

Trolley Motorized Garden Sprayers are agricultural spraying machines that farmers highly benefit in terms of their easy to carry and functionality.

With its adjustable beam angle, spraying gun are successfully used to cleaning and disinfection alongside with pesticiding all kinds of tree, tobacco, hops, vineyard and greenhouses . There are 4-stroke gasoline and electric motor models. Storage of the piton model sprayer are made from polyethylene, others are made from supported fiberglass. All parts are resistant to corrosion pesticide may cause. Its balanced structure increases the movement capability of the sprayer.

Global FT900 Sprayer

Warehouse Material Polyethylene
Warehouse Capacity 28 Lt
Fuel Tank Cap. 1 liter
Working Pressure 5-30 Kg/Cm2
Suction Capacity 10 L/H
Spray Cap. 8 L/H
Engine 1 HP
Cylinder Displacement 4 cc
Run Arm IP Starter
Carburetor Diaphragm
Pump High Pressure Piston
Weight 5 Kg
Packaging Dimensions 49x41x63